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Ethical Manufacturing


When it comes to manufacturing, all fashion founders have a choice. We would like to share the choices we’ve made with you, so you feel more informed about our brand and also our price points. 
Every time you invest in Marla Swim, you’re choosing to invest in a small, Australian business by two passionate sisters who love to swim.

We choose to design and manufacture Marla Swim in Melbourne, Australia. This is an investment not only in the quality of our suits, but also the Australian fashion industry as a whole. Manufacturing locally also reduces our carbon footprint.

We choose to use a boutique production house that is owned and led by a woman, who employs female seamstresses and pays them a fair wage. We share the same values: producing quality, ethical and sustainable garments.

We choose to use Italian fabric, imported by a local wholesaler in Brisbane. Not only is the fabric the most premium we could find, but also the most sustainable. A majority of the fabric we use is made from recycled fishing nets.

We understand that the choices we make aren’t necessarily the most economical for a small business, but we hope your investment in the Australian fashion industry and local suppliers is as meaningful to you, our Marla Swim customer, as it is to us. 

We are committed to deliver the best quality garments without compromising on our values to produce ethically. While this choice means we incur a higher cost of production, which is reflected in our price points, we also continuously research ways to get the best price possible.. Each purchase you make is towards sustaining the Australian manufacturing industry and small businesses alike. 



Design Philosophy


Classic and timeless. Marla Swim is your premium, forever swimsuit; designed to be worn Summer after Summer. We obsess over the cut of our suits to ensure they will flatter your beautiful figure.
Our premium fabric choices will make you feel firm, sexy and confident. 

We seek to create for every woman and every body type, which means maintaining a selection of classic, high-waisted, sunsafe and cheeky designs. We also offer both elastic and tie-up waists.
Our seamless, reversible pieces are especially popular because our customer gets two-suits-in-one, and the double seam design means it hugs your shape instead of cutting into it. It also reduces fabric waste.

Whichever Marla suit you choose, we hope you wear it in a way that feels #suitablyyou.